The answer is no. The flashlight does not function in the game as an item or something you can select. It appears as an automatic mechanic in certain darker areas like caves. Sadly, there is no option to automatically turn it on or off whenever we would like to.

It might be frustrating for some people because there are players like me who like to control the lighting on the screen without having to go into settings when it seems too bright.

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There are treasure hunts in the game, and some of them take place at night in dark areas or in caves. I found myself wondering about the flashlight option because it was unclear from the start. I initially thought that I turned it on by mistake, but after further investigation, I found that there is no option to turn it on or off manually.

Hopefully, we will get an option to use a flashlight whenever we want in a form of a patch or an update. Until then we will have to be enlightened in the darkness.

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