Several games have the option of turning off licensed music, which makes them streamer-friendly. Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition is not one of them. The best thing players can do is have the radio and music turned off by default in their settings.

Go to options either from the main menu or by pressing Start. You can find the audio options there. The easiest way to emulate a “Streamer Mode” is to turn off all licensed music:

  • Set the Music Volume all the way to zero.
  • Set Auto tune to Off
  • Set Radio Station to Radio Off

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This way, there is no chance of music playing during playthroughs. There is no hope to catch any unlicensed music with this mode, which is similar to a ‘Streamer Mode.’

Without it, streamers do have to worry about DMCA takedowns. Many well-known and popular licensed songs from the 1990s and earlier are used in the game.

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