Prehistoric Kingdom is a management simulation game where you build and run a zoo for prehistoric animals, including dinosaurs. As time passes, your dinosaurs will age and eventually die. This may leave you wondering if you can turn off dinosaurs aging and dying in Prehistoric Kingdom.

Can you stop your dinosaurs from aging/dying in Prehistoric Kingdom?

The answer is yes—at least in the sandbox game mode. In other game modes, your dinosaurs will age and eventually die. As many players find this sad, there have been numerous questions regarding this feature. You can check a box to turn off this feature when starting a sandbox game.

While death is a natural part of life, many would prefer to keep this out of Prehistoric Kingdom and take care of their animals forever. This feature can be left on even in sandbox games for those who prefer a more realistic approach.

Prehistoric Kingdom lets you care for numerous creatures from eras long ago, and it can be easy to form a bond with them. Turning off the aging and dying feature will allow you to spend more time with them and keep them in your zoo longer.

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