Swimming has never been a mechanic in Call of Duty: Warzone. This fact remains the same as you cannot swim in Warzone Pacific. However, Caldera has many shallow water bodies which you can interact with without dying.

The moment any player even touched the sea in Verdansk, they instantly died. Whereas on the Pacific island of Caldera, you can stand chest-deep in water. Furthermore, the following features can be experienced while you’re submerged in a Lagoon:

  • Tracker Perk isn’t effective in water.
  • Activate the Cold Blooded Perk by crouching in shallow waters.
  • Fire-based equipment, such as Molotov Cocktails, produce smoke when they hit water.

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The swimming mechanic was present in Black Ops Cold War but failed to make its way into Vanguard. As such, BOCW has the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode which incorporates a big map with water bodies and, hence, swimming.

The absence of swimming in Vanguard is justified as there are no big-scale game modes or maps in the game. Warzone Pacific’s inclusion of streams and minor water bodies is a big change from Verdansk.

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