Zenith: The Last City is a VR MMORPG by developer and publisher Ramen VR, releasing on Jan. 27, 2022. Players will be able to experience MMORPG gameplay like never before. Part of this is selecting a class and engaging in fast-paced VR combat. But some players may be wondering if they can swap classes.

The answer is yes and no. At the start, players can select their main class, Blade Master or Essence Mage, in the early access version, and then a subclass. Players cannot change the main class without creating a new character once the main class is selected. But they can freely swap between the subclasses.

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The subclasses for both Swordmaster and Essence Mage are classified as DPS, tank, and support. As players can swap between these, they can swap classes and experiment with each one. You must create two different characters if you want to try out both the Blademaster and Essence Mage.

Zenith: The Last City’s class system looks fun and balanced so that players can have fun regardless of what they play. Try out the different class combinations and find the one you enjoy most!

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