There are so many decisions to make in The Quarry that you’lll likely have no idea if you’ve chosen wisely until later. Yet out of the many choices you pick, one of them may be outside your control, and that is if you can save Kaylee Hackett in The Quarry.

Can Kaylee Hackett be saved in The Quarry?

The answer is no. Kaylee Hackett can not be saved no matter what choices you make in The Quarry. Kaylee’s fate was sealed before you started the game; she never had a choice. In Chapter Five, Laura will always shoot and kill Kaylee off-screen.

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How many of the Hackett family can you keep alive in The Quarry?

You can keep all other members of the Hackett family alive, so five in total. So apart from Kaylee and Chris, you can save all the other members if you wish. But doing so will probably lead you on the path of the bad ending, so you may want to do this on another playthrough. Initially, you should focus on keeping everyone alive in The Quarry.

As you learn more about the story in The Quarry, you’ll figure out that Kaylee was the good egg of the Hackett family—that she wasn’t trying to rip and tear you or attempt to get you infected. She had her own goals she was aiming for before her life came to a close by Laura.

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