Saving your progress is an important aspect of a game. So you are probably wondering if you can save in Eastward. The answer is, you can save. Though the saving mechanic is not fully explained immediately.

There is both an autosave and a manual save feature. You will know when the game is auto-saving when you see an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. To save manually, you will first need to find an object. This object is something you would not expect.

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Saving manually can only be done at refrigerators. That’s right, refrigerators. Immediately outside John’s home is a refrigerator that you can save at and you can find more scattered throughout Eastward’s world. Take advantage of them as you do not know when you fill find another refrigerator to save it.

To capitalize on Eastward’s charm, there is a special message when you save. The refrigerator has a TV on top that will speak to you when saving. This message takes the form of an existential crisis, typically involving memory and what is real. So keep your eyes peeled for refrigerators so you can save your progress and go through a crisis of your own.

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