In As Dusk Falls, players experience the story of the Holt and the Walker family, going back and forth between life-altering decisions. Every choice significantly affects the direction of the narrative, and you will come across several characters who may or may not die depending on your choices. One of these is Dale Holt, the middle brother of the Holt family, and players will get a chance to save him from the Police sniper in Chapter 2.

How to unlock Dodged a Bullet achievement in As Dusk Falls

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After the Police offer pizza to the Holt boys, Vince is escorted outside as a human shield by Dale. Sheriff Dante has a conversation with Dale, and soon after, Vince spots a Police sniper aiming at them from a tower close by. This is where you will face a Crossroad decision, and you will either have to Warn Dale about the sniper or don’t say anything. If you warn Dale, he dies, and you won’t get any achievement. However, warning Dale will reward players with the Dodged Bullet achievement.

Although players get a choice to save Dale during this Crossroad, the character eventually gets shot by cops in a standoff. Later on in the story, players will come across a scenario where the Police forcefully get into the Desert Dream motel by barging a truck through the front door. This is where Dale tries to take Joyce as a human body shield but fails to do so and is caught in the line of fire.

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