In Stray, you see a cyberpunk world viewed from the perspective of a cute cat as you explore with their robot companion, B-12. One big question players have been asking is whether or not you can return to the Slums after you have left, as there are a lot of collectibles to be found in this area. This guide outlines the point of no return for the Slums in Stray.

Can you return to the Slums in Stray after leaving?

You can return to the Slums in Stray in a single playthrough as part of the story, but the game explicitly mentions that if you go past a certain point, there is no coming back. That said, there is a Chapter Select option.

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The point of no return is after you have rescued Doc. If you go to the right of the Guardian, where the street musician is and the safe in the alleyway, the shutter will be open, and a Companion will be standing there. If you speak to the robot, they will say something along the lines of I will shut the shutter behind you. There’s no coming back once I do. This will take you to the next area called the Sewers.

But worry not. Stray has a Chapter Select unlocked from the get-go, so if you have missed any collectibles from the Slums, you can return and find the ones you need. Note that you have to replay the chapter in its entirety, including the cutscenes and the dialogue. These cutscenes are unskippable, but you can meow your dissatisfaction to your heart’s content, which is well worth doing.

If you need help finding any of the collectibles in the Slums in Stray, then we have you covered:

  • All four Notebooks
  • All seven Memories
  • All eight Music Sheets
  • All four Energy Drink Cans

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