In Steelrising, you play as Aegis, a sentient automate. Aegis is tasked with overthrowing the Tyrant King during an alternate history of the French Revolution. Aegis has several weapons and alchemical attacks at her disposal to accomplish her goal. Aegis will explore Paris, fighting to free the people. There are eight locations to explore; in this guide, we’ll cover how to return to previous areas in Steelrising.

Can you return to previous areas in Steelrising?

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Yes, you can explore previous areas in Steelrising. However, previous regions are not available until you have the Horseless Carriage after completing the Les Invalides area of the map. The Carriage unlocks after you have completed the Factories area of the map and spoken to La Fayette.

As you progress through the story, you will unlock additional locations to travel to. It is well worth returning to previously explored areas once you’ve unlocked the Bishop’s Hook and Alchemist’s Ram. These tools will open new areas of these regions, which can hold materials and upgrades for Aegis.

How to Fast Travel in Steelrising?

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You can only fast travel from the Horseless Carriage. When you enter a new location, take note of the Carriage location as you will need to head back here to initiate fast travel.

Carriage Tokens are items you can find worldwide or purchase from the Boutique. Using a Carriage Token will instantly travel you back to the Carriage in that location.

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