The way fans play Pokémon has changed with Pokémon Legends: Arceus. GameFreak has reinvented how mainline games functions with several new systems. One system that revolutionizes gameplay for fans involves shinies, the rare variants of Pokémon that players can find.

Players can reset shinies if they are unsatisfied with the Nature or stats of their Pokémon. To reset shinies, be sure to save once you see the shiny Pokémon in the open world. Catch the Pokémon and immediately examine its stats and Nature after capturing. Head to the Nintendo Switch Home page and close the game if the shiny is unfavorable.

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Restart the game and reload your latest save to resume your game from when you saw the shiny Pokémon. Your quarry will remain in the overworld, and players can use this method indefinitely throughout their playthrough of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, as the Natures and stats of the Pokémon will change with each reset. It’s an excellent method to ensure your shiny performs to its full potential in battle.

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