As you make your way through Tower of Fantasy, you’re bound to encounter tougher enemies that will start to put up a fight. Knowing how to quickly heal will be imperative knowledge to survive these encounters. Read on to learn more about healing and the Satiety System.

How to quick heal in Tower of Fantasy

Press F2 on PC or tap the icon to the right of the green bar (the health bar) at the bottom of the screen. This will consume food that has either been cooked or purchased. By clicking the arrows above the food icon, the good that is selected for quick consumption can be swapped out.

Tower of Fantasy Satiety System

After a player exits battle and five seconds have passed, satiety starts to drop automatically to restore lost HP. For every 10% of HP restored, one satiety point will be reduced and one satiety point will be deducted every five minutes. The higher the satiety, the faster the HP regeneration speed. Satiety can be checked by opening up your character sheet.

  • 0 satiety = unable to restore HP automatically
  • 1-30 satiety = 2% HP restored every two seconds
  • 31-60 satiety = 3.5% HP restored every two seconds
  • 61-100 satiety = 5% HP restored every two seconds

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