Lost Ark is one of 2022’s first surprise hits, dominating Steam’s player charts with an absurd number of users. Lost Ark offers a unique set of classes and combat for those who love the RPG genre, and the Free-to-Play nature means anyone can hop in and enjoy the title at no cost. With the Steam Deck launching in the next few weeks, players want to know if Lost Ark can run on Valve’s latest product.

There is currently no confirmation that Lost Ark runs on the Steam Deck, and Valve and Smilegate have yet to comment on compatibility with the popular new MMO. Users hope to hear more information about Lost Ark in the coming days and weeks leading up to the Steam Deck’s release.

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Because the Steam Deck doesn’t officially launch until late Feb. 2022, we won’t have confirmation on whether or not the game runs well on the portable PC until users start getting the Steam Deck and attempting to use the device in tandem with Lost Ark.

To stay up to date on Lost Ark and all announcements about the new title, be sure to follow the official Lost Ark Twitter page.

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