Elden Ring is the latest release from the prolific studio FromSoftware, and this entry promises to be a powerful entry in the Soulsborne franchise. The game offers plenty of new features, including a horse, an open-world, and powerful new bosses for players to overcome, but does a series staple like offline play return this time around?

Like other games in the Soulsborne franchise, players can play Elden Ring offline. Those uninterested in dealing with enemy players invading their games can rest easy, as there is an option in the game’s multiplayer menu that can disable all multiplayer functionality in Elden Ring.

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While players can turn off this feature at their leisure, those interested in playing with others will have plenty of multiplayer options available to them, with a host of multiplayer items for both cooperative and competitive play. If you’ve got the skill, patience, and drive to take on other players, you can even beckon players to challenge you in your world with new items like the Taunter’s Tongue. In this way, Elden Ring gives players agency in crafting their experience.

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