Crab Game is a new game that heavily borrows from a certain recent Netflix hit series. But as the developer Dani states, Crab Game is “definitely not based on any online streaming pop culture Korean TV shows, as that would get [him] in legal trouble.” 

But can you play Crab Game on Mac or other Apple devices? Unfortunately, right now you can’t play Crab Game on Mac. Crab Game is a small indie game, produced by a single developer. Available on Steam, the game only supports PC’s running Windows 7 and onwards.

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Like the Dani’s previous game (Muck) and upcoming title (Karlson), Crab Game’s small size and on-man development team prevents the game from reaching multiple platforms. 

In fact, Crab Game was developed in just three weeks, with the developer chronicling the creation in a YouTube video. 

It’s unlikely that Crab Game will get any Mac support in the future. Crab Game is just a free game that the developer made for both the fun of creating a video game, while gaining experience in developing multiplayer games. Ultimately, if you want to play Crab Game, you’ll have to do so on a PC, or miss out on this newly trending game. 

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