One of the most common question regarding Total War: Warhammer 3 is whether you can lead the Legion of Chaos as shown in the Chaos Undivided Trailer. Thankfully, Total War: Warhammer 3 has been very open about that.

The following trailer shows that the Legion of Chaos faction is playable. This faction is recommended as a starting faction by the developers.

Not only can players choose this faction, but they can also customize their Daemon prince. Once you’ve named your Daemon, you can access the Daemonic Glory tab. Players can customize their arms, legs, torso, head, wings, tail, and weapons on the Daemonic Glory tab. Players can earn Glory to purchase more customization options by sorting the menu by the limbs God is offering.

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As a faction, you gain Glory by building settlements for Gods, completing missions, and dedicating victories to a specific God. Different items have different spells and boosts.

Customization is also available in multiplayer, and it can be changed mid-battle, so players can play with their Daemon prince any way they want, whenever they want.

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