Age of Empires is a series of games that span across multiple generations of gamers. Naturally, it means players on all platforms will be interested in playing the fourth installment of the classic real-time strategy game. One question we’re seeing asked most frequently is simple: Can you play the game on Mac or Linux operating systems.

There is a simple but unfortunate answer: no, not yet. Although it is possible to play it if you have software that emulates Windows PCs, newly released games rarely have any optimization in those circumstances. This means that the game will probably crash frequently, and you won’t have any real support to contact.

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That all being said, there is a way to play Age of Empires IV on iPhones and iPads: with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming. This is a remote play app officially released by Microsoft that streams most (if not all) of their games to mobile devices and tablets. There appears to be a possibility for playing Xbox-exclusive games on Macs in the future, but Xbox Cloud Gaming does not currently support those devices.

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