Breakwaters is an action-adventure survival game that features a unique water system. Players will have to master the oceans if they wish to survive. Surviving in Breakwaters can be quite a challenge and players will constantly be tested as they explore its world. Sometimes players may want a break and may be wondering if they can pause the game.

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You can pause the game in Breakwaters, but it does not actually stop the game. This means that while in the pause menu, your hunger and thirst bars will still drain and enemies can still attack you. This means that you cannot really pause the game if you need a break.

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You will need to use the pause menu to open up the settings or save your game. You can also check your character’s name and your world’s seed. You can also see the lobby and what other players are in your game.

You should pick a safe location before opening the pause menu to ensure that you do not accidentally die while in the menu. While the game doesn’t stop, you will need to pause your game from time to time if you need to change any settings, controls, or save your game.

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