Mini-maps are an essential quality of life addition that can help the player immensely on their journey, and Tower of Fantasy is no different. These can help the user by giving them the information they need in a specific radius around them, highlighting essential items, an active quest marker, or other things the player needs to know—without opening the main Map every time. Yet, one question many people are asking is if you can man the Tower of Fantasy mini-map rotate instead of being in a fixed position.

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Can you change the settings of the mini-map in Tower of Fantasy?

The answer is no. Currently, at this time, there is no way to change any setting that involves the mini-map in Tower of Fantasy. This means that you have to get used to the fixed position of the mini-map always pointing north.

Though this may not be a problem for some gamers, others may have gotten used to games where the mini-map will rotate based on the direction the character is looking. It makes things easier to find, and you always have a sense of direction.

Hopefully, Hotta Studio/Level Infinite will update Tower of Fantasy with more customization options, so every player can have ToF the way they want.

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