Disney Dreamlight Valley is a magical adventure and life simulation game available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and free to play with Xbox Gamepass. Assist your favorite Disney characters as you restore Dreamlight Valley to its former glory by ridding it of the evil magic that plagues it. It’s up to you to decorate, build, and bring back the friendships and charm of the Valley with various mechanics and effects that make for an all-around immersive and fascinating experience. Not only can your game sync to your real-life local time, but the Valley displays multiple weather types and phenomena.

How often does it rain in Dreamlight Valley?

While the game’s time can sync to your real-life local time, it isn’t entirely proven that the weather is also connected to real-life events. Although some players may have witnessed the game raining while it also was raining for them in reality, this seems to be by coincidence. Instead, it seems more likely that the weather changes randomly in Dreamlight Valley, allowing it to rain or shine by chance.

Each Biome has its own small unique weather elements, such as Frosted Heights with its snowflakes or The Forgotten Lands with its eerie fog. However, the Valley can also be rainy, foggy, or cloudy at any given time, envelope all areas of the map, and last 10 to 15 minutes or more.

Can you change the weather in Dreamlight Valley?

There is no magic trick to changing the weather in Dreamlight Valley. Since the weather happens at completely random, there is no resisting it. However, on a few occasions, it has worked to stop the rain by entering and exiting buildings around the Valley. It may take a few tries, but it has been able to cease the rain and bring back the sunshine, or vice versa. If you’re hoping for it to rain to no avail, it is possible to skip time in your game by changing your synced clock, but this comes with risks to your gameplay and is not thoroughly recommended.

Dreamlight Valley weather can be unpredictable and may take some patience when waiting for a specific outcome. However, waiting for changes can be better than forcing them by skipping time. Try entering and exiting houses around the Valley to see possible changes in the elements.

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