We understand that you want to cook every Disney recipe under the sun, so it’s natural to want to know where Futomaki is within Disney Dreamlight Valley. While not currently in the game, we hope this to change in the future. We’ll have to wait on Gameloft to report more on the matter.

Is Futomaki available in Dreamlight Valley early access?

There’s currently no available or obtainable recipe for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Futomaki seems to not be part of early access in Disney Dreamlight, though this could always change in future updates. Currently, there are no confirmations that it will come to the game, but that does not mean that Futomaki will never make it on the menu. There’s a good chance that it is just a matter of time before the recipe is added.

When will Futomaki be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

We can’t say for certain when Futomaki will be added as a recipe to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some rumors have hinted that the recipe exists within the game, just as an unobtainable asset. If this is true, which we can’t be certain of, then it is likely a recipe that’s soon to come. Gameloft has not given any word on the matter, so we’ll just have to wait for more info.

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