Jumping in the Souls series can be a bit confusing. Dark Souls 3 has a dedicated jump button, but requires the player to be sprinting to do so. There are jump attacks as well that the player can perform while standing still but won’t be useful for any parkour. This is how to jump in Dark Souls 3.

How To Jump In Dark Souls 3

To perform a jump, players must be in the middle of a sprint, or dash.

  • PlayStation 4/5 – While holding O, tapping L3 will cause the player to jump.
  • Xbox One X/S and Xbox Series X/S – While holding B, tapping LS will cause the player to jump.
  • PC – While holding Spacebar, tapping it again will cause the player to jump.

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How To Jump Attack In Dark Souls 3

Players have two forms of jump attacks in Dark Souls 3. The first of which is a plunging attack that can be performed when falling with a light or heavy attack.

The second method of performing jump attacks is more direct. Players can press forward and heavy attack to jump attack. Different weapons will have different animations for this and players will have to press input these simultaneously.

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