Typically your opponents will be on the opposite side of the court from you. In Dodgeball Academia there will sometimes be an enemy that starts behind you or will head there once defeated. Once behind you, these opponents can pick up balls on your side of the court and attack you from behind.

Once an opponent gets behind you, there is no way to throw a ball at them. While you cannot throw any balls at them, you can still catch or counter their throws. This requires you to keep an eye on both sides of the court as you can be hit from both.

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While you cannot attack opponents behind you, neither can your opponents attack your teammates once they are behind them. Certain game modes will allow your teammates to circle behind the opponents’ side of the court once they have been defeated.

Having opponents behind you and your allies behind them causes a lot of chaos on the court and forces you to adapt to new strategies. You will want to make sure you are catching or countering your opponents’ throws and picking up balls on your side. You can also time your throws with those of your allies behind to attack from multiple directions.

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