On your adventures diving deeper into the dungeon in search of treasure and materials, you will come across other wild Planimals that may be a lot stronger than the ones you currently have. If you manage to scrap a victory, your beasties will be low on health, but can you do anything to heal them?

There are only two ways to heal your Plananimals in Monster Harvest. The first is that some Planimals have healing abilities they can use in combat when they are at a certain level. Radcross is one of these who learns Heal at level three. And when they level up, they get all of their health back.

Apart from abilities, there is no other way to heal. This is because death is a major mechanic in the game. When Planimals die, they become hearts, and these hearts are used for upgrading the soil at your farm, which makes them vitally important.

By upgrading the soil, the default level of your Planimals increases. Meaning if your soil level is level three, then all Planimals grown will be level three from that point onwards. This eliminates the grind of having to keep leveling up your Planimals if they happen to meet their doom.

But it means that your Planimals will have to keep dying to increase the level of all other Planimals that spring forth in the future. It’s a never-ending cycle. If your creatures die, you have to grow them again, but they’ll be stronger than their predecessors and, in turn, will drop more hearts they die. So on and so forth.

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