The Quarry is a game based on numerous chapters, and there are collectibles that can be acquired in each chapter. But if you miss one of these collectibles, can you go back to get them in The Quarry? Or do you have to start the chapter again?

Can you go back to previous areas in The Quarry?

You cannot go back to previous areas in The Quarry. You have to keep progressing forward with the story. Anything you have missed will forever remain missed in your current playthrough. The only way to return to a previous area is to complete the story once, which unlocks chapter selection. From there, replay any chapter in which you have missed items, or even pick alternate decisions, so you’re at least doing something new by playing the chapter through again and potentially getting another ending.

Are there missable items in The Quarry?

All three collectible types are missable in The Quarry—Evidence, Tarot Cards, and clues. If you are not looking in every nook and cranny, then items will be missed. You can miss collectibles just because they were out of sight, but some are locked based on your decisions.

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Are collectibles locked beside certain decisions in The Quarry?

Yes, certain choices made in The Quarry will lock you out of acquiring collectibles. So, unless you play the game perfectly and always make the right choices, you will have to replay the game or chapter to obtain them all.

What do collectibles do in The Quarry?

Collectibles are important, but you do not need to collect them all to complete the game. That said, some are more important than others:

  • Evidence and clues give you more of a backstory to the story. When the story concludes, the more you have, the better your ending may be.
  • Tarot Cards are slightly different, as these give you a brief insight into what could happen depending on a choice you make in the game.

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