Since launching in 2004, Roblox started out as a web platform that was only available on PC. Travel to modern day, and players can instantly launch their favorite Roblox games across multiple devices including iOS, Android, and Xbox. So what about the Nintendo Switch?

At this time, you cannot get Roblox on Nintendo Switch, nor any Nintendo devices. Moreover, players cannot download Roblox on the PlayStation 5. Roblox is not available as an app on either the Switch or PS5, which means it cannot not be downloaded from either console’s game store.

Web browser workarounds will not work either. If you have figured out how to access a web browser on the Switch, then the platform itself might be accessible, but that’s it. Either way, you cannot play Roblox games. For example, the Avatar Inventory may be accessible but the browser will prevent you from launching any games on Roblox, like Adopt Me or Arsenal.

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Some users like SharkBlox, a popular Roblox content creator, have figured out the web browser workaround on Nintendo Switch. But he stopped short at playing actual Roblox games using the hack. Upon attempting to launch a Roblox game using the web browser Switch hack, SharkBlox experienced a Your current platform is not supported message.

Even though Roblox isn’t available on Nintendo Switch, all hope is not yet lost. In May 2021, CEO of Roblox Dave Baszucki commented that Roblox support on the Switch, PS5, and the Oculus Quest “all make perfect sense,” as reported by GamesRadar.

Although Baszucki’s comment is not confirmation of Roblox appearing on Switch in the near future, it does remain a possibility. From facial recognition technology to voice chat, Roblox is always innovating. So who knows, maybe one day Roblox will appear on Nintendo’s hardware.

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