One of the main aspects of Tunic is the exploration and discovery of its world. There are many places to discover, and some are not on the map when you find them. This might leave you wondering if there is fast travel in Tunic.

The answer is yes—you can fast travel in Tunic. This feature is not really explained or obvious, but you can fast travel in Tunic at the golden square platforms. To fast travel in Tunic, stand on the gold platform and hold the A button for a few seconds.

How to fast travel in Tunic

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To fast travel in Tunic, simply stand on the gold platforms and hold the A button for several seconds. This will transport you to another world. In here, you will see several gold platforms. These are fast travel points, and you simply need to stand on them and press A.

The exception to this is the first gold platform you encounter after waking up on the beach. This will transport you to a world where a manual page is. This manual page will give you the table of contents page that shows what topics on are which page of your manual.

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