Movement is a fundamental aspect of any game. With game worlds getting larger and larger, fast travel has quickly become the norm. While you cannot fast travel in Dodgeball Academia, there is a way to travel faster than just walking. This faster method is rolling which can be done by pressing the B/Circle button or the C/L key.

Otto can fold himself into a ball and roll through the streets of Dodgeball Academia. This is significantly faster than just walking. The fastest part of this way of movement is the beginning animation or by mashing the roll button. You can even roll upstairs, but only if you have momentum.

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The downside of rolling is that while it is faster, it is harder to control than walking. If you roll into an object or another character as a ball, you will be knocked back and stunned for a moment. So for obstacles that require you to leap over them or tight hallways, walking may be the better option. When jumping out of a roll, you can jump a little further than jumping out of a walk.

The world of Dodgeball Academia isn’t too large so fast traveling isn’t necessary. Using a combination of walking, rolling, and jumping will get you where you need to go.

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