Black Skylands map is quite vast, and getting from one side of the map to the other will take a lot of time. Even more so when avoiding the islands and obstacles in your path, or even just getting sidetracked.

There is a fast travel system in Black Skylands, but it differs upon where you are. If you want to get back to your Fathership from anywhere on the map, you can do but not for free. It costs Capsules—the game’s currency—in proportion to how far you are away from the Fathership. This cost could cost as little to 50 Capsules to 200+. It all just depends on where you are.

How to fast travel

The Fathership is the only place you can fast travel to from anywhere. To do so, open up your journal, find the Fathership and hold down the button prompt that appears. Pay the fee in Capsules, and you’ll instantly teleport there.

The only other way to fast travel is to find Fuel Stations scattered about the map. By heading to these and speaking to the shopkeeper, you can teleport to any other Fuel Station you have found for a price. Thusly, the more you travel and explore, the more fast travel points will appear.

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