Sniper Elite 5 promises to give players true weapon customization. As per a Developer Diary on the Sniper Elite website, players can now modify their weapons to suit their own playstyles. Sniper Elite 5 will let players choose how they want to fight, unlike previous games that focused heavily on stealth.

How does weapon customization work in Sniper Elite 5?

Image via Rebellion

As you progress through the levels, you will discover workbenches (each level contains three). You will be able to unlock various Attachments from these workbenches such as scopes, suppressors, stocks, muzzle breaks, and more. Adding, removing, or adapting different elements of your weapon affects four key stats: Power, Rate of Fire, Control, and Mobility.

Not only that, but the look of each weapon will change depending on the attachments. You can recreate some scarce and interesting armaments from World War 2, like the experimental G43 chambered in the smaller 7.92×33mm Kurz round (found in the MP44). The developers visited the Royal Armouries with the great historian Jonathan Ferguson to get inspiration for the different customizations.

The developers have promised the ability to make weapons for running and gunning, stealth, and styles in between.

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