Apex Legends has an interesting history when it comes with what modes challenges can be completed in, and which they can’t. Challenges in the game were always set up to be for just a Battle Royale game, with occasional Limited Time Modes (LTMs) that were usually exempt. Now that there are more ways to play the game, the ways the challenges work adjusted. Let’s take a look.

All Challenge Mode Prerequisites

  • BR – This challenge can only be completed in Battle Royale
    • Battle Royale includes Trios, Duos, Ranked Leagues, and select LTMs
  • A – This challenge can only be completed in Arenas
    • Arenas includes Arenas and Ranked Arenas
  • C – This challenge can only be completed in Control
    • Control is currently considered an LTM
  • None – This challenge can be completed in any mode
    • Some challenges have different requirements for Battle Royale than for Arenas
    • Some LTMs are exempt from any mode challenges

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Low-tier dailies and weeklies tend to be available in any mode, while 3-star and higher tend to have a required mode. Respawn had hinted that more any mode challenges would be coming, but so far it has only manifested in any mode lower-tier weeklies, which formerly didn’t exist.

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