Lost Ark is an MMO and is full of action and adventure. Players will create their character and immediately get plunged into the thick of things. When creating their character, players can choose from one of five classes with additional advanced classes. Players may be wondering if they can change their class once selecting one.

The answer to if you can change your class in Lost Ark is no. Once you select a class, you are locked into that class for that character. You also cannot change your advanced class once you have chosen that. Players should carefully consider which class they want to play before deciding.

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Before selecting a class, you can preview what kind of playstyle and abilities they have. You can also test out the character before deciding which advanced class you will pick. One good thing about Lost Ark is that each class has numerous abilities that you can swap out.

This means that each class can be played quite differently. Staying your abilities and investing skill points into specific ones allows you to create a build that feels right for you. You can even create several presets for the same class to switch between.

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