Diablo Immortal is the latest entry in the Diablo series and is coming to mobile for the first time. With this comes many other changes, including the MMO-like server feature. You will need to choose which server to play on, which may leave you wondering if you can change servers in Diablo Immortal.

The answer is no—you cannot change servers in Diablo Immortal. At launch, changing servers is not an option for players, but this may change in the future. Adam Fletcher, the global community lead for Diablo Immortal, confirmed this on Twitter. While not guaranteed, server changing may be an upcoming feature.

Which server should I pick in Diablo Immortal?

You should choose a server that is in your region so that you have a better connection and do not experience interruptions. You should also coordinate with your friends to all be on the same server. If you are not on the same server as your friends, you will not be able to play the main campaign together. But, PvP is not locked to servers, so you can join PvP regardless of which server you are on. This makes servers less important in that regard, but we still recommend that you and your friends join the same server so that you can play the story together if you so choose.

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