Inventory management was quickly identified by players as challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game tells you early on that to increase the size of your initial storage chest you need to upgrade your house in exchange for star coins. However, the second upgrade level alone costs 20,000 star coins, far more coins than anything else in the early game period. There’s another inventory work around that the game is oddly silent about. Instead of making your chest bigger, you can also build more chests.

What you need to build more chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Chests can be crafted and placed in your house or anywhere else in Village. There’s a Crafting Table nearby Goofy’s house you can use any time, or Scrooge McDuck will gift you a Crafting Table that you can place anywhere you like as a reward for completing Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Reopening.

To craft a chest you’ll need 25 softwood, found scattered on the ground around trees in the Village, and 25 stone, found while mining or breaking up rocks on the ground.

There’s no limit to how many chests you can craft. Each chest you craft will have two inventory rows, and can become an effective way to expand storage quickly. Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to name chests, navigate between chests via the storage menu, or re-color chests. You’ll need to remember where you place each chest and what you put in it to manage your inventory effectively.

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