With Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker, players can experience the newest story expansion. Those looking to level up a class so that they can enjoy it for the latest expansion may wonder if there’s a way to jump to level 80 with a boost.

Players can boost their levels to 80 immediately in Final Fantasy XIV with Tales of Adventure III consumables. Players can purchase Tales of Adventure III on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store for $25 for each class. Each Tales of Adventure III focuses on a single class, so ensure you’ve selected the correct item before purchasing these pricey level skips.

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Keep in mind that Tales of Adventure III does not grant players story progression. Players will need to purchase the Tales of Adventure consumables to bypass previous story content. For more information on skipping straight to the Endwalker story, including the pricing for each story skip, read the Can I skip the straight to Endwalker in Final Fantasy XIV guide.

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