Since you chose to be the loyal friend until the end, the game will now force you into one of the most difficult battles in the game—General Avlora’s three-wave army. Before the battle, Benedict informs you that the town that surrounds Castle Wolffort has a secret: oils can be released into its canals, allowing you to burn sections of the town.

This will make the battle against Avlora easier, but is it possible to not to light anything on fire? The answer is no.

Not only can Avlora one-shot your units, but also has 400+ HP. Not burning one (or even two!) of the sections is possible, but you have no choice but to lure Avlora into one of the traps to force her into retreating. We’ve tried trimming her HP and managed to nick around half of it before we were overwhelmed.

The initial choice was the protection of your people or Roland’s—and you have made your choice. Live with it and use every advantage you have.

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