Shiny Pokémon are among the most desirable in Pokémon GO. There are plenty of opportunities to catch shiny Pokémon in the game, most notably during the many in-game events that Niantic puts on every few weeks. Litwick is a Pokémon whose shiny form has been long-awaited, and players will get the chance to catch it soon.

How to catch a Shiny Litwick in Pokémon GO

Shiny Litwick can be caught most easily during the October 2022 Community Day event. Litwick is the featured Pokémon at this Community Day and will be out in droves for players to track down and catch in the wild. The chances of encountering a shiny during this event are much greater than the normal percentage chance, so players wanting to get a shiny Litwick should do their best to participate during the celebration.

Outside of the Community Day in October 2022, players will have the best chance of catching a shiny Litwick when it is available in Raids or Egg hatches, as these encounters give players a slightly high chance of encountering a shiny form.

How to evolve Litwick in Pokémon GO

Image via The Pokémon Company

Litwick has two further evolutions, Lampent and Chandelure. These two Pokémon will also have their shiny forms in the game. To evolve a Litwick into a Lampent, players will need 25 Litwick Candy. To further evolve into a Chandelure, players need 100 Litwick Candy. This puts the total Candy cost to evolve Litwick into Chandelure at 125 Litwick Candy.

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