Super Robot Wars 30 launched simultaneously on Nov. 27 in US and Europe, and Nov. 28 in Japan. The game was available for pre-order for several months before with a series of incentives. But if you missed the pre-order, can you still get the bonuses?

Unfortunately, if you missed out on the pre-order, there’s no chance to get the pre-order bonuses anymore. In the most recent game before Super Robot Wars 30, Super Robot Wars T, the game never released the pre-order bonuses later. Judging by this precedent, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

The pre-order bonus units and bonus items will not be available in-game for anyone but early game supporters.

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However, if you’re still looking for bonuses in the same vein as the pre-order ones, you should check out the game’s Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition. These bonus-filled versions will give you additional units, bonus packs of credits, PP, and MxP, and a host of other extra features.

What’s more, they all come with a season pass for the DLC, get the DLC unlocked earlier, and lots of other extras. They’re the ideal way to get a similar boost to people who pre-ordered the game.

For more info about the Deluxe and Ultimate editions check out What’s included in the Super Robot Wars 30 Deluxe and Ultimate Edition?

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