TikTok has a new streaming software called TikTok LIVE Studio that allows users to stream directly to the service from their computers instead of their phones. Unfortunately, the software is still in testing, so not everyone’s account will be eligible to download it. Currently, only a few thousand users in Western markets will have access. Furthermore, those who are will only be able to use it on Windows PCs as TikTok LIVE Studio is currently unavailable for Macs.

TikTok users looking to see if their accounts are eligible to use the new software can head to the TikTok LIVE Studio page. However, if users see the default For You Page or land on an error page, they are not yet eligible to use the software.

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Users who have access to TikTok LIVE Studio will find it more feature-rich than the iOS or Android apps, with more capture options and customization ability than its mobile counterpart. It is unknown how long the software will be in testing and when access will open up to a broader audience. It is also unknown if or when a Mac version of the software will be available.

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