If you are wondering if Dying Light 2 can be played offline, the answer is uncertain at this time. In short, it’s not known if Dying Light 2 can be played offline or not, as the developers never confirmed it.

We imagine Dying Light 2 could be played offline, as the game offers both a single-player and co-op multiplayer experience. So ideally, if you want to play just the single-player portion, you can do so offline or online. 

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The first Dying Light also featured a similar option where players could access the entire story campaign and features, but not co-op multiplayer. So hopefully, Dying Light 2 will go a similar route and allow players both options to play the game.

That said, if an offline option is a feature, you will probably need to go into offline mode on Steam or Epic Games. For consoles, you will need to disconnect your Internet to play offline, if it is an option.

However, playing offline will mean you won’t have access to updates, so we recommend checking once in a while just in case for updates. That way, you can enjoy the new patches and enjoy playing the game without an internet connection. 

For more on Dying Light 2, stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming week and months before release. 

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