You are in charge of building and managing a zoo in Prehistoric Kingdom. You can bring in various animals, including dinosaurs, to take care of and display for your park’s guests. With any zoo, there is danger, but this may leave you wondering if dinosaurs can break out in Prehistoric Kingdom.

Will dinosaurs eat your guests?

If you do not manage proper security and safety, your dinosaurs can break out and eat your guests in Prehistoric Kingdom, resulting in casualties. Even your park rangers are not safe if they enter a pen with a dangerous predator such as the Tyrannosaurus. It is unclear if this feature is in yet as it is in early access, and we have yet to see it, but developer Blue Meridian confirmed it would be in the game.

Losing a guest can lower your prestige, so to prevent your guests from getting eaten, build proper fence enclosures. This will ensure the dinosaurs remain on their side of the fence and away from guests. The last thing you want is to have giant predators running loose in your park—unless you want to, feel free to build poor fences.

Unleashing your dinosaurs on your guests can certainly be an interesting sight; just make sure to save your game beforehand. Otherwise, you may not get any more visitors to your park.

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