Shiny Pokémon are all the rage in the Pokémon franchise, and Pokémon GO is no different. Shiny Pokémon are extremely difficult to find in the wild, but it is possible. Some shiny Pokémon are more sought after than others. One example of this is Buizel. This Pokémon can be shiny in Pokémon GO, but can also be difficult to track down.

Can you catch a shiny Buizel in Pokémon GO?

Players can catch a shiny Buizel in Pokémon GO, though this Pokémon doesn’t always spawn in the wild. Players will have to do some hunting if they want to encounter a shiny Buizel as the encounter rate is abysmally low. Players can keep an extra sharp eye out during events, as this Pokémon is frequently thrown into the pool of wild spawns during events throughout the year.

How do you catch a Buizel in Pokémon GO?

Outside of events, Buizel can be tough to find. The best bet players have in finding one of these Pokémon is to search near bodies of water. Water-type Pokémon spawn more frequently in these areas, which means there is an increased likelihood of finding a Buizel there as well. Shiny odds are very low but players can find one eventually if they are persistent enough and search in the right places.

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