Very few Roblox users can deny the allure of free Robux, so it’s important to consider and know which methods of obtaining them are legitimate and which ones should be avoided. More often than not, the promise of free Robux is just that, an attempt at alluring naive players to give away personal information or complete some sort of task. In this quick guide, we’ll be discussing what referral codes are and whether or not players can trust the Attapoll referral code method.

What are referral codes

Roblox referral codes served as a form of player-based promotion for the platform until August of 2015. When users would send their personal referral code to a friend and then have that friend create a Roblox account with their referral code inputted, the original user would receive a Robux bonus. Additionally, the user would earn Robux for every purchase their friend made in the future.

These referral codes were discontinued in 2015 and became replaced with the Roblox Affiliate Program—a similar system of allowing users to earn Robux for promoting experiences, items, and catalogs. This system still works today, but it isn’t very well known. To join the Affiliate Program, all you need to do is click the share icon next to any experience or avatar item, copy the link, send it to a friend, and have them create a Roblox account from your link.

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Once your link is used, you will automatically be enrolled in the program. There’s no set limit as to how many referrals you can have, so send as many links as you’d like! If multiple people join Roblox through your link, you will simply have multiple referrals.

Each time one of your referrals purchases Roblox, you will be awarded 5% of their total expenses. There’s also an extra incentive for Roblox developers—if you create a Roblox experience, share it with friends, and have them create an account and join your experience. As a reward, you will be given the standard 5% for any of their future purchases, plus an extra 5% boost because they visited your experience.

Your referral income total can be viewed at any time by visiting your Roblox Promotions page.

What is Attapoll and is it legit

Making passive income is always intriguing—in recent years, that’s even become true for Roblox players looking for a quick Robux. To get ahead of the curve, websites and apps like Attapoll have created systems that allow users to take surveys or fill out product reviews in exchange for small amounts of money. Sometimes these pay-outs can be as large as $20 USD, most times. However, users take home just a few dimes and pennies after a day’s work.

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Nowhere on Attapoll’s app does it specify a collaboration with Roblox, so there’s no direct transfer of USD earnings to Robux. However, there is a way to put your earnings towards an Amazon gift card that players could use to purchase a Roblox gift card. Doing something like this would take a great deal of time as most surveys award somewhere around 40 cents, and the cheapest Roblox gift card listed on Amazon is $10, but it is doable.

Keep in mind that apps like Attapoll may seem too good to be true for a reason—we cannot endorse or suggest any third-party income apps or websites as there is always a risk of fraudulent activity or failure to pay out. Attapoll does have fairly good reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, however, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the time and effort! Keep in mind that you should never enter any overly personal information online, especially when it doesn’t seem necessary.

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