Introduced in the 30th Anniversary Pack, Bungie released a new set of weapons. They featured new exotics like the iconic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher and a Halo-inspired sidearm called Forerunner, to name a few. But the real hot ticket items came in the form of legendary weapons.

One of these weapons was the new BxR-55 Battler Pulse Rifle. And just like the Forerunner Sidearm, it too is inspired by the 3-burst Battle Rifle in the Halo series. This new weapon is powerful in most situations but has quickly become the meta in PvP encounters for its deadly accuracy from the hip and its damage output. And more so, with the right perks, this weapon is insane. If you happen to pick one up, these are the perks you will want to hang on to.

PvP God Roll

As I mentioned, this weapon is at its best in PvP activities. There are quite a few solid perks that roll with this weapon, so getting any of them would be worth holding on to.

  • PvP God Roll
    • Hammer-Forged Barreling, Accurized Rounds, Killing Wind, Kill Clip

Other really great PvP perks for this weapon would be Ricochet Rounds, Perpetual Motion, and even Eye of the Storm.

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With this weapon, the range is your friend, and you will want to build towards that to help your survivability. However, one of the new perks added to Destiny 2, Blunt Execution Rounds, is a good one to have this weapon roll with. This will allow you to fight up close more and deal extra damage. 

PvE God Roll

While this weapon will be much more devastating in PvP, it might roll with good perks for PvE activities as well.

  • PvE God Roll
    • Arrowhead Brake, Steady Rounds, Demolitionist, Adenaline Junkie

Other really solid PvE perks for this weapon would be Chambered Compensator and Flared Magwell.

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