Bugsnax is a new indie title by Young Horses, as you need to venture to Snasktooth island to try to understand what weird things are happening upon it. As well when you get there, you discover that there are these weird bugs that are half made of food and half bug… though you quickly find out that they are extremely delicious!

Bugsnax How to Save

To save in Bugsnax, you have to rely on the games autosave feature, as there is no manual save option. When you see a small white circle/eye appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen, this means that the game is saving.

Bugsnax will save once you reach certain checkpoints in the game, and these are extremely frequent, so if you do experience a crash, turn off the console, or anything of the sort, it’s doubtful that you will lose much progress.

There is a way to backtrack to use a previous save, but only the one previously, you cannot access a save that’s a while ago! To do this, open up the main menu and hit the Restart from Save option. This will restart you back at your previous save, with any progress you have made after it void, however, if you manage to pick up a checkpoint before using this feature. Sadly, you will load back up with the exact progress you just left with.

This feature is more to do with if you experience any bugs or become stuck and can’t progress. Use this Restart from Save feature, and you’ll become unstuck and be able to carry on!

If you really like playing Bugsnax, why not try platinum the games trophy list, as it’s quite a casual, relaxing playthrough. Remember, if you have a PlayStation 5 and PS Plus, you can download it for free now!

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