There are many areas in Bugsnax, when you are off exploring, you’ll undoubtedly find the entrances to different areas, or you might not have even recognized them to be entrances at all. Young Horses have done a stellar job incorporating the new areas based on story quests or finding the Grumpuses!

Bugsnax How to get to Boiling Bay

To get to the Boiling Bay in Bugsnax, you must first find and return three Grumpuses from Sugarpine Woods and Scorched Gorge to Snaxburg. Until you do this, the Boiling Bay area will be locked off to you.

Many of the areas in Bugsnax are locked behind story quests or by returning the inhabitants of Snaxburg the Grumpus back home. The Boiling Bay area is the latter, where you have to locate and recover three Grumpuses; if not, then that area will never open. There are two Grumpus in the Sugarpine Woods and only one in the Scorched Gorge.

In order to unlock the Boiling Bay, you need to find:

  • Chandlo and Snorpy from Sugarpine Woods
  • Cromdo from Scorched Gorge

Once these three Grumpuses have been found and returned to Snaxburg, speak with Filbo there, and they’ll initiate The Intruder Quest. Once this quest has been completed, you’ll have access to a new area with new Bugsnax, Boiling Bay.

To find Boiling Bay on Snaktooth Island, you must first locate the wooden ship on Simmering Springs. If you have explored the area, then no doubt, you were intrigued about if the wooden ship was purely for aesthetic purposes or was it used for something more. Of course, it’s used for something more, as it’s the entrance to the Boiling Bay.

A picture of the Wooden Ship which is the entrace to the Boiling Bay area in Bugsnax

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