Seeing all of your hard work in a game come together is such an awe-inspiring feeling! This happens when all the Grumpuses have returned to Snaxburg! It’s time to get everyone to dance to have a good time!

Bugsnax How to Get Everyone to Dance

To get everyone to dance in Bugsnax in the quest Major Celebration, you need to go round the party and speak with everyone. All the Grumpuses will give you hints on what they want before they will begin to dance. You have to fulfill this for each one to get everyone to dance.

This dance is towards the end of Bugsnax, and Filbo wants to have a massive celebration with everyone at Snaxburg, and he tasks you with the quest to get everybody to dance! However, to do this, you have to complete it in a particular order, which we’ll run through step by step!

Here is what you have to do in order:

  • Beffica
    • Change the song on the boombox, then go back to her, and she will go dancing.
  • Wiggles
      • Bring her a drink from Cromdo’s table, as this will quench her thirst. Once her thirst has been satiated, she will join in with the dancing.
  • Wampus
    • Give him a drink from Cromdo’s table, so he has the liquid courage to apologize to Gramble. Then interact with them both.
  • Gramble
    • After you give Wampus some Snakwater, talk to them both.
  • Shelda
    • Go some Snakwater from Cromdo’s table and toss it at the decorative golden orb, which is over her head.
  • Triffany and Floofty
    • First, speak to Floofty, then speak to Triffany. Then encourage her to go talk to Floofty, and go up to them both together. Then they will head for the dance floor!
  • Snorpy and Chandlo
    • Flooty must be dancing, then interact with Snorpy, and afterward, he’ll go and speak with Chandlo. Listen to the pair speak, then speak to Chandlo, and then they’ll both go dancing.
  • Cromdo
    • Once the other Grumpuses have started dancing, speak to Cromdo, and he joins the rest! Party on!

Once these steps have been completed, go back to Filbo, and he’ll progress the quest for you!

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