Snaktooth Island will be everyone’s heaven but also everyone’s nightmare. Bugs are food that comes in all different sizes, and shapes; ketchup and other condiments grow on bushes. It’s a place where you’ll never run out of food. However, these are bugs, and at night time, they form together to create ghastly things. So if you can deal with that, then you’ll never go wanting for food again!

Bugsnax How to Get Cheese Sauce

To get cheese sauce in Bugsnax is very easy, as there is a large stone monument in the Sizzling Sands, and inside this monuments mouth is where two cheese plants are located. Use your Snak Grappler to pull them down to rain down cheese sauce goodness. Do this with both plants, and you’ll have enough cheese sauce.

Acquiring some cheese sauce is a quest for Shelda, as cheese sauce is the only thing she’ll ever eat. Using your scanner to locate some is the quickest solution, yet heading towards the large stone monument in the Sizzling Sands will be even faster. This is located to the left of Shelda.

Use your Snak Grappler to grapple onto the two cheese plants and this will get you all the cheese sauce you desire, and head back to give them to Shelda. The Sizzling Sands flips how the game has operated until then, as normally you’ll find sauces and condiments on the ground, such as ketchup to catch the Bunger, and Salad Dressing for the Sandopede, but not hidden away in the mouth of a stone monument. For the Sizzling Sands, it’s best to think outside of the box when capturing Bugsnax!

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