Some sidequests in Bugsnax will have more meet than others, as is the case with Triffany’s questline. The quest will take you around Snaktooth Island to look at some old statues and for her missing grandma. Of course, you will need to catch some Bugsnax as well.

How to complete Triffany Makes History

All three of Triffany’s quest are easy as she assists you in each of them. The hardest part is capturing the Bugsnax that she wants in the first two quests. In That’s a Relief, you will need to scan the old statue and capture a Pinkle. To do this, simply use the snakgrappler to tear off its jar and then capture it.

In the second, Dead Man’s Chest, you simply need to scan the treasure chest in the shipwreck and then capture a Paletoss. You will find a Paletoss Grand near the ship. Simply lead it into the lava to make it explode into a Paletoss. After they split, you can simply grab them both.

The last two parts of her questline will just require you to follow Triffany to the peak of Frosted Peak and then afterward observe the conversation between her and Floofty. 

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