Bugsnax is a quirky game that introduces you to an island where food has come to life. The island has a few residents living on it, including Snorpy, who is consumed with conspiracy theories. To get to the content in the Isle of Bigsnax, you must first complete all of Snorpy’s sidequests.

How to complete Snorpy Saves the World

For this first quest, you must catch a Scoopy Banoopy located near the start of Frozen Peak. To do this, lure the Scoopy Banoopy into a campfire and then make it run into your trip shot before it explodes. Alternatively, you can attach the trip shot to the fire itself to cut down on one of the steps.

The next mission, Get Lit, has you simply light some torches around town using your trip shot. Both of these quests should only take a few minutes to complete and are relatively short.

How to catch Daddy Cakelegs

The last mission, Cake Boss, has you go with Snorpy to fight one of the Bugsnax bosses. To defeat Daddy Cake Legs, you will need to light his candles with the trip shot. Each phase, aside from the third, has two candles to light before he will run off. When he disappears, follow the Baby Cakelegs to his new hiding spot.

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